WWDC24 Recap: Apple Intelligence and more

WWDC24: Apple hosted its annual Worldwide Developer Conference from June 10 to 14, unwrapping a lot of news from the company’s end and fostering a community for tech experts worldwide. The biggest news from the keynote speech, live streamed on the first day, was the company’s leap into the world of artificial intelligence, dubbed “Apple Intelligence.” Apple will introduce a range of new AI-powered tools in its software, such as a tool for enhanced writing and the “Image Wand”, a feature that transforms a rough sketch into a more refined version of an image.

“Genmoji”, an emoji generation tool assisted by Apple Intelligence, is another key update related to AI. People can use this text-to-image tool to make a personalised emoji with a character they like or a face that looks like their friend. Apple’s partnership with OpenAI also made headlines. The company’s new software is expected to leverage ChatGPT, enabling Siri, its voice assistant model, to present smarter responses using the LLM’s vast information archive. According to the WWDC24, every Apple product is scheduled for a significant software update.


For iPhones, iOS18 is set to provide a more personalised look, with more freedom in arranging apps and widgets on home and lock screens. Also, a recording feature during a voice call is coming to iPhones for the first time with the update. The photo app will also change its design so that users can navigate it more easily. Moreover, the new version will offer special themes and collections based on the occasion.

The newest update for iPad includes its own long-awaited calculator app. Its smooth connection with Apple Pencil and calculations from hand-written notes will soon be happening on the tablet. MacOS Sequoia will mirror users’ iPhones directly on their display, and watchOS 11 will introduce the new app Vitals, which monitors users’ health conditions and optimises their workout routines. visionOS has another update coming soon, with improvements in visual processing, hoping to reach a wider user base across borders.

The developer versions of the updates were shared on the first day of WWDC24. According to the company, the final updates will be rolled out sometime this fall.
People’s reactions to WWDC24’s big announcements are mixed. Some comment on Apple’s new projects from Apple, especially the integration of AI, as “ground-breaking”, while others say that the company’s a bit late in the game already. Nevertheless, Apple’s stock hit a record high shortly after its AI roadmap, rising by 6.2 percent on 11 June. By market cap, Apple was also the biggest among U.S. companies, followed by Microsoft.

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