The UK is considering whether and how to ban the use of social media by under-16s. The news was reported by Bloomberg, which explained how Rishi Sunak's government is reflecting on what to do, starting from the premise that we

It is not an exaggeration to say that artificial intelligence is a technology that can revolutionise many processes and change people's lifestyles and approach to work. This is proven by the pervasiveness with which AI systems and, in particular, GenAI tools have spread across

Trading volume dropped from $17 billion to $466 million in nine months, from January to September 2022. Total auction turnover dropped from $232 million to $13 million, with turnover plummeting from $1.9 billion to just $205 million over twelve months.

Mastercard unveils two innovative technologies to pay quickly and securely Tapster payments fingernail ring: Cash is hard to die, but with contactless payments, technology has for years been offering a range of fast and secure solutions to reduce the spread of

Smartphones 2024: Declining sales and the need to find novelties while waiting for foldable models to drop in price in order to spread to large sections of the public forces smartphone manufacturers to find winning ideas to attract consumers. In recent years,

The countdown to the New Year is an opportunity to stop and think about what the tech trends in this sector might be during 2024. Like a machine in constant flux, technology never eliminates, with companies and startups working today

I have always wanted to visit China to see if and how true the many stereotypes spread in the West about the country and the Chinese are. I was able to do so thanks to Oppo, who invited me on

Facebook and Instagram will be pay-as-you-go, only in Europe. This is not an obligation but a possibility, because the discriminating factor is the advertisements: those who pay will not see any ads, those who want to keep the free version

Google smartphone: The smartphone market is in a crisis of ideas and numbers. Sales are falling, and almost all manufacturers are suffering, although the higher end of the market shows signs of bucking the trend. The latter, however, is mostly the territory