The pandemic crisis, and all that followed, has highlighted a central phenomenon for companies of all types and sizes: great resignation the tendency of workers to leave the workplace to focus on something else. It is not a passing phenomenon

Not just transactions, passing money between accounts, but a true financial hub. That is Elon Musk's achievable (and soon to be achievable) wish shared by CEO Linda Yaccarino for X, the former Twitter and also former social, in some time.

Pandemic, economic crisis, war. More and more critical issues involving "organic" reality are reflected in the digital operations of businesses. Cybercriminals have become much more astute in exploiting global trends to establish themselves in corporate networks, steal data, advance their

The United States updated the ban against China by making it more restrictive than what was decided in October last year. Controls on exports of semiconductors and technologies suitable for their production will be even tighter. "The updated rules will increase the

Reaction Third-Millenium: 2023 is still a challenging year for companies on the cybersecurity front. Threats and risks are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, and companies must be ready to defend themselves. Ransomware remained the most persistent and dangerous threat to

When we connect to the Internet, the application most exposed to cyber-attacks and those designed to violate user privacy is undoubtedly the browser. Even by keeping it constantly updated, it is possible to run into privacy problems, given that our

VPNs ins 2023: As the use of technology and the internet becomes more and more popular, so do VPNs, making them an essential part of our lives, as without them, we are more risky. Either way, knowing that nothing is perfect,

VPN for personal use: There are many VPN services on the net, with different prices, but which essentially offer the same service, a secure connection with the IP address that we choose at will among the many available worldwide. Some services

A VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted tunnel between a device and a remote server, allowing it to surf anonymously. In fact, the VPN routes the traffic to secure networks and masks the IP address. This