Sanna Marin’s case raises questions on GDPR and Cybersecurity

Sanna Marin: The case of the Finnish Prime Minister raises questions on GDPR and cybersecurity legislation. But, this is not the only case where public figures are hacked, and personal documents and footage are leaked to the public. Sometimes is the case of ransomware but other times is the case of harming the reputation of political figures. If that can happen to a public figure, how can everyday people protect themselves from cyberattacks?Will there be a day when people will be safe and secure?

Sanna Marin

If she weren’t a Prime Minister, she would be just a woman having fun. Because of her duties and job title, the Finnish Prime Minister has been victimized. 

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin had to pay for her popularity, age, and maybe her gender. She is a raw model, an example of success! So, what an ideal icon to destroy.

She is a country’s prime minister that her neighbour country has bullied. At the same time, she is a prime minister of a country that a “friendly” government has blackmailed for her positive vote to enter NATO, and nobody talks about this challenging task that she has to accomplice.

People must know that Sanna Marin is just a human being. She has a life; So let’s burn her to fire because she acts like a normal human. What a perfect excuse to kill her political image, some may think. But the media must spread her dance at a private party worldwide.


In seconds she was convicted as a “bad person” by a footage showing her singing and dancing. Sanna Marin has been targeted and victimized by whisperings, rumors, and assumptions. These nasty forms of violence and harassment are used as unethical weapons against her.

Bullies carried out a very well-played plot at her. They made her feel uncomfortable and weak and that it was her fault to force her to resign. 

Sanna Marin’s mobbing case brings something up that must worry all of us. It is a case that combines cybersecurity, GDPR, and cyberbullying. It is an example of how technology and progression can be used against humans. 

Many questions need answers. How did the footage leak? Was it stolen? Was she or someone of her friends hacked? Who stole it? Which methods were used for the footage to be stolen? How does GDPR protect individuals in cases like this? Why did TV channels reproduce the film without her permission? The bottom line is that it was a private moment, not an official one. 


In this case, the most worrying is that nobody was surprised about the leak when we heard on the news about Sana Marin’s case. We took it for granted like something normal. Like no security breach occurred. Is this why Prime Minister Sanna Marin said cybersecurity legislation would be reviewed “for possible loopholes”? Is it true that a hostile country towards Finland hacked the Finnish Prime Minister’s phone, as tech experts say?

The primary purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is “to protect individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms.” To ensure their right to protect their personal data. But Sanna Marin’s right to one’s private life seems less important. 

Sanna Marin has nothing to excuse herself of. She didn’t steal money; she didn’t betray her country, and she didn’t lie to the Finnish people. For sure, she is a workplace bullying victim, and for sure, cybersecurity and GDPR did not work; otherwise, she would be protected.

Ioannis Marketos (MBA) is the Founder and CEO of MRK Consulting. MRK Consulting specializes in the Prevention & Management of Violence and harassment in the workplace, Mobbing, and Workplace Bullying. He is a researcher, international keynote speaker, and author of the book Workplace Bullying. You Can Win! Ioannis Marketos (MBA) is also an independent mediator for the phenomenon of workplace bullying and Mobbing.