Riskline launches new API for smart pre-trip planning

Leading travel risk intelligence company, Riskline, has announced the launch of Travel Search API that enables travel companies to provide their customers with a robust travel management solution. Riskline’s Travel Search is the first of a series of new APIs, WorldInsights, and it integrates a wide range of information about travellers’ destinations, including upcoming events, possible disruptions and safety threats, health, visa and document requirements. A further two APIs will be launched to complete the WorldInsights series, offering users a fully integrated solution designed around the travel journey. Riskline is one of the world’s leading travel risk insights companies leveraging AI and professional analysts to process more than 100,000 data sources providing accurate and timely travel risk assessments.

Searching through websites and documents when looking for travel data can be a lengthy process, particularly when reliable up-to-date information is difficult to find. By incorporating Riskline’s Travel Search API, travel companies can eliminate this challenge, offering users a complete and integrated tool compatible with mobile devices. Riskline’s Travel Search API offers essential information tailored to the traveller and their trip directly on the search page and throughout the booking flow.

The UK is one of the highest spenders on corporate travel worldwide. According to Statista, it was the sixth largest spender on corporate travel in 2021, spending just under £14.7 billion.  Furthermore, with the market value of the global business travel industry predicted to grow by 188 per cent between 2020 and 2028, the UK travel market is likely to increase substantially. An Ipso survey highlighted that security threats account for 58 per cent of modified travel itineraries globally. Understanding the extent of the security risks at a given time could be pivotal when confirming travel plans, both now and in the future. By incorporating Travel Search by Riskline, travel companies will be able to inform their customers quickly and easily. 

Commenting on the launch of the new API, Founder and CEO of Riskline, Kennet Nordlien said: 

“We are really excited to launch the Travel Search API. Companies that adopt the service will be able to enhance their platform’s value proposition, increase user engagement and activity, and offer a more comprehensive and reliable travel management solution to users. In addition to this, it is compatible with mobile devices, which have become the primary platform for travel bookings. Going forward, I believe that offering this level of insight to travellers will be vital in securing a large percentage of the growing travel insights market.”