Planetiers World Gathering – Video Interview

I had the pleasure to interview Sérgio Ribeiro, the CEO, and Co-founder of Planetiers World Gathering. During the interview, he shared with us the first steps of his journey into entrepreneurship, how he decided to follow that path, the challenges he faced in raising funding and awareness, and how he overcame the obstacles that Covid 19 brought suddenly. Watch the video to learn more and why not visit Lisbon and the event that takes place from the 22nd-26th of October.

About Sérgio

Sérgio is the CEO and Co-founder of Planetiers, and he regularly travels to speak on relevant topics in educational institutions, key events, and conferences. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, he excelled in his education and holds a Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering from Instituto Superior Téchnico. He focused on sustainable development, aiming to help create a strong, sustainable, and equitable future for the planet. He firmly believes in giving people the education and tools they need to innovate advanced, planet-oriented solutions to global problems. 

About Planetiers World Gathering 2022

Planetiers World Gathering is the largest global sustainability-focused innovation event in the world. Founded in 2020, this year’s conference will take place from October 22nd to 26th, 2022, at the Parque Eduardo VII and Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in Lisbon, Portugal. The summit is focused on finding long-term sustainable solutions for helping the environment. The gathering will bring together key stakeholders in climate action and innovation from across the globe. Over 30,000 speakers, investors, and sustainability enthusiasts from 90 countries will participate. The ambition for Planetiers is for everyone to collectively work towards finding sustainable solutions to help save the planet, with inclusive economic transition in mind.

Visit the website for more information. Click here

Interview with Sérgio Ribeiro

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