novoShield to Power the Next-Generation of Mobile Phishing Protection Solution

Mobile Phishing: novoShield’s enterprise-grade mobile security solution provides advanced phishing protection and seamless UX for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

novoShield, the next-generation mobile phishing protection solution designed for a new era
of digital threats, emerged from stealth today, launching its iPhone phishing protection app on the App Store. The company’s industry-leading cybersecurity solution for mobile devices provides everyone – from individual users to businesses of any size – with the technology they need to combat the surging mobile phishing threat without compromising the privacy of the user. novoShield is on a mission to provide easy-to-use and effective enterprise-grade security for all.

As more and more consumers and businesses moved online as a result of the pandemic, cybercrime rose by 600% in 2021, with phishing attacks tripling from early 2020. Digitalization has also meant that users spend more time on their smartphones, making mobile devices – which have historically been harder to protect from cybercrime – a prime target for hackers to exploit. Most strikingly, VPNs and mobile anti-virus software are not calibrated to meet this rising threat, and individuals and small companies that lack significant budgets have until now been without a comprehensive phishing protection solution.

“Individuals and businesses are not equipped to effectively distinguish between legitimate and malicious incoming messages across a host of mediums,” said Bat El Azerad, CEO and Co-founder of novoShield. “As phishing attacks become more sophisticated, mobile users are at risk with every tap they make. novoShield’s pioneering technology tackles the threat head on, taking the guesswork and security risks out of the equation without sacrificing privacy, mobile speed or functionality. We are excited to launch our first product and enable smartphone users to continue to work, play, and connect on their smartphones at home, at work and everywhere in between without risk.”

Designed to defend against a new era of digital threats, novoShield’s best-in-class solution detects malicious websites in real-time and blocks users from accessing them, while also providing users with live on-screen indications that reassure them when they’re browsing safe websites. novoShield’s security solution is designed to be affordable, accessible, and
easy to use for individuals, families, and businesses. Once the app is downloaded from the App Store, it takes under a minute to set up, requires no training to use, and is constantly updated with the latest security protocols. novoShield’s app works diligently in the background without lag time, providing uncompromised performance, and maintaining the highest privacy and data security standards at all times. novoShield’s solution never stores
browsing activity, shares data with third parties, nor processes any data or text entered on any website – so that users can browse the internet confidently and safely.

“Everyone using a phone has been and continues to be the target of phishing attacks. For too long the onus of responsibility has been placed on the individual to manually navigate and assess threats, with only large corporations with significant cyber-security budgets having the requisite defenses in place,” said Lior Keshet, CTO of novoShield. “novoShield is
transforming this reality by tailoring its solution specifically to the needs of the every-day mobile user, equipping them with the technology they need to use their mobiles without difficulty or fear.”