Meet the talent: Kiki Paschalidou, Creative Web & Digital Solutions

Place of residence: Ireland

Position: Creative Web & Digital Solutions

Please describe a day in your life

Each day is dynamic and filled with creativity. I start with reviewing project updates and client communications. Then, I dive into designing websites, crafting marketing strategies, and collaborating with teams. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to innovate. My motivation is my ambitious goals. Learning and investing in yourself is the best investment.

How many projects are you currently working on? Please describe them

Developing a groundbreaking company website designed specifically for the fishing industry to revolutionize sales and customer experience. Collaborating on a social media-driven branding project for a start-up skincare brand leading an e-commerce website redesign project, focusing on enhancing user experience, modernizing the layout, and integrating advanced functionalities to improve customer engagement and sales.

In your opinion, who is the most influential person/company in the world of technology these days?

Jonathan Ive, the former Chief Design Officer at Apple, significantly impacted technology through his design work. He led the design of groundbreaking products like the iPhone and MacBook, blending functionality with sleek, minimalist aesthetics. Ive’s influence extends beyond the products themselves, shaping the way technology integrates into daily life and setting new standards for design and innovation in the tech industry.

If you could pick one app/product/project existing now that you wish you were involved in, what would it be?

I’d love to contribute to an environmental tech project, especially one focused on cleaning the oceans. Using technology to create sustainable solutions for the planet is close to my heart.

What is your greatest achievement up until today?

Beyond digital marketing success, mentoring young professionals to navigate and excel in the tech and design world has been profoundly rewarding.

If you could say something to your younger self, what would it be?

Trust in the journey, stay curious, and always lead with empathy. Your passion will guide you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Embrace challenges and failures as stepping stones to success.

Which famous person would you like to have dinner with and why?

Additionally, a dinner with Tim Berners-Lee would be fascinating. They could discuss the inception of the World Wide Web and his vision for its future.

In your opinion, who is the most influential person/company in the world of technology these days?

Marissa Mayer, for her leadership in technology and pioneering role as one of the first female engineers at Google, broke barriers and set a high standard for women in tech.

How do you see technology evolving in the next ten years?

Over the next decade, I anticipate significant advancements in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain technology. These innovations will revolutionise industries, offering personalised experiences and enhancing efficiency. Digital marketing will be way more personalised, and with the help of AI, companies will be able to achieve great things. 

How do you see technology evolving in the next ten years?

In the next decade, I envision a tech industry prioritising inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical practices. I hope to see more diverse representation and a focus on leveraging technology for social good.

What are the three characteristics you have that make you successful in tech?

Creativity: Thinking outside the box to solve problems and innovate.

Adaptability: Embracing change and learning new technologies swiftly.

Collaboration: Working effectively in teams to achieve common goals.

Bonus: Passion for what you do.

What is the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your career?

The most challenging aspect has been staying ahead of rapidly evolving technology trends while managing multiple projects simultaneously. It requires continuous learning and strategic prioritisation.

What is your greatest achievement up until today?

My greatest achievement so far has been successfully launching a digital marketing campaign that significantly increased a client’s online sales and brand visibility.

What is your next goal?

My next goal is to expand my data analytics expertise further and incorporate more data-driven strategies into my marketing initiatives.

What tips do you have for people wanting to start in the tech world?

Never stop learning. The Marketing industry evolves rapidly, so staying updated is crucial.

Network actively and seek mentorship from experienced professionals.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow.

What is the invention of the century in your eyes?

In my eyes, the Internet is the invention of the century. It has revolutionised communication, access to information, business, and solutions opportunities, making our lives better and improving communication.

What can’t you do without? (app/product…)

As a marketing and web design expert, I can’t do without tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Google Analytics. They’re essential for designing visually appealing content and analyzing its performance.

Where would you like to travel next?

I’m excited to explore Japan and immerse myself in its rich culture and innovative technology scene.

What did you dream of creating/inventing/doing as a child?

As a child, I dreamt of creating interactive websites and digital experiences that would captivate audiences worldwide. Today, I’m grateful to be living that dream.

George Mavridis is a freelance journalist and writer based in Greece. His work primarily covers tech, innovation, social media, digital communication, and politics. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. Also, he holds an MA in Media and Communication Studies from the Malmö University of Sweden and an MA in Digital Humanities from the Linnaeus University of Sweden.