Huawei Single Voice Core Rated as Sole Leader

GlobalData Releases IMS and Voice Core Competitive Landscape Assessment

GlobalData recently published a report entitled IMS and Voice Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment. The assessment concluded that Huawei’s Single Voice Core (SVC) solution with mature commercial cases ranked strongest among all the competitors, and rated it as the sole leader.

Huawei Single Voice Core rated as sole leader

GlobalData is a world-renowned data analytics and consulting company in the ICT industry. It provides expertise on market research and predictions, as well as vendor competitiveness reports. This report employs mostly five criteria, including solution architecture, platform and performance, feature and application support, interoperability, and deployment experience. Once collated, the report evaluates the competitiveness of the IMS and voice core product portfolios from mainstream telecom equipment vendors. In addition, equipment vendors’ technical innovation and commercial progress in core network autonomous driving network and voice services are also taken into account during the compilation of this report.

According to GlobalData, IMS is the foundation for VoLTE, and will be the dominant voice solution for operators over the next decade as they continue developing their voice in favor of higher-value services. All cellular networks from 2G to 5G will coexist for a significant amount of time, which may make it complex to manage these differentiated networks. This means that operators need a fully convergent solution that can handle not only 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G voice, but also VoIP and VoWiFi.

The report speaks highly of Huawei’s SVC solution. Based on the cloud native architecture, the SVC solution uses one IMS network to provide 2G to 5G voice services. It also adopts a highly reliable disaster recovery architecture, ensuring voice services are always online. The report also recognizes Huawei’s extensive experience in commercial deployment, integration, and operations in IMS.

Voice continues to form the basic service of operators, and is constantly moving from VoLTE towards 5G VoNR, as the global VoLTE penetration rate exceeds 40%. In compliance with 3GPP and GSMA standards, Huawei SVC solution simplifies networks, eases O&M, and facilitates seamless evolution. With the Rock-Solid Reliability solution, Huawei SVC helps operators build ultra-reliable and premium networks featuring hardware fault tolerance, signaling overload protection, and service fault bypass, ensuring voice services always online, helping operators focus on 5G development.

Moreover, Huawei released the New Calling solution with the 1 platform + 3 capabilities + N services (1+3+N) architecture. Using one basic audio and video network and the UHD, intelligent processing, and interaction capabilities, the New Calling solution delivers an extraordinary communication experience such as UHD video calling, intelligent translation, fun video calling, remote collaboration, innovating new business models and improving user stickiness for operators.

Huawei will continue to build simple, highly stable, and innovative voice networks to help global operators accelerate their 5G voice development and achieve business success.