CloudVA: interview with Witold Waligóra

CloudVA: Side-channel attacks represent one of the most formidable entry barriers in the realm of information security, delving into the analog aspects of computing and necessitating specialized hardware and advanced mathematical models.

During his presentation Witold Waligóra, in Black Hat Europe 2023, he elaborated on the methodology employed to induce Correlation Power Attacks on real hardware using ChatGPT-4. The discussion encompassed the requisite hardware and software prerequisites, along with an exploration of the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the GPT-4 model for undertaking such tasks. Also it demonstrated that, through strategic prompt engineering, GPT-4 can successfully breach mbedTLS AES on STM32F3, inclusive of its ability to autonomously generate the leakage model and crucial components of both the Device Under Test (DUT) and driver code.

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