Best Android and iPhone Antivirus Softwares to have in 2022

In our heads, when we think of antivirus software, they are typically linked with Windows PCs and laptops. But it is important to know that it’s critical to have these types of software installed on our mobile devices as well. Viruses and malware aren’t just an annoyance, hackers are always coming up with new ways to access your devices and, eventually, steal your identity, money, and other personal information. The good news is that having a strong antivirus app installed on your Android phone or iPhone (even tablet or iPad) will go a long way toward preventing these viruses from infecting your device.

Android is just as popular as Windows, and it’s just as susceptible to infections. Unlike Windows, there isn’t much in the way of security built-in. Google tries to keep virus-infected apps out of the Play Store, but many escape through the cracks, so don’t count on it. Antivirus apps for Android, like those for Windows, are available for free as well as paid. The same distinctions apply: free apps do not have all of the features that paid apps provide.

One important difference with certain free Android antivirus apps is that some don’t offer real-time monitoring. This means they’re not constantly on the lookout for malware: you have to open the app and press the ‘scan’ button to check for any problems. The other thing to bear in mind is that a paid subscription usually covers multiple devices, so for a few dollars per month you can install the protection on your Android devices (and macOS or iOS). These days, Android antivirus apps do a lot more than you might expect. They often include a VPN, warn you of possible scams, manage your passwords, prevent unauthorized apps from using your phone’s cameras and microphones, and allow you to remotely erase the device if it’s lost or stolen.

Meanwhile, when we look at iOS systems, it is a known fact that this operating system is one of the most secure OS on the market (right after Linux of course). But this doesn’t mean that the need for antivirus apps doesn’t exist. There is a lot of malware that can bypass the security measures of the iOS systems and get to the user’s endpoint and be executed.

Therefore in this article, we have gathered a list of antivirus apps that come in hand with either Android or iOS devices.


Bitdefender UI

If you are looking for a good solution that satisfies both android and iOS users, Bitdefender is an excellent choice. Bitdefender has a lot of positive If you are looking for a good solution that satisfies both android and iOS users, Bitdefender is an excellent choice. Bitdefender has a lot of positive reviews online, and it’s often called the best antivirus service. This app can do a lot more than malware scanning; it also can give different recommendations based on your device’s needs. It comes along with malware scans which check if you have installed ransomware or adware; web browsing protection where you can filter every website; anti-theft tools that can check the current location of your phone, etc. This app has a VPN addition, but in the free version, you have a limited VPN functionality of only a 200 MB daily cap. Bitdefender in iOS also allows you to scan your email address to search for potential data breaches.

The final addition of this app is that you can synchronize it with your smart wearable devices, and it will alert you if your phone gets lost or gets too far from you.

In the cons aspect, we can say that this app is a little bit pricey but overall we can say it has a great value for money.

Norton Mobile Security

norton Mobile Security App

Norton antivirus app has been for years on the top ten charts for the best antiviruses to ensure mobile security. Norton protection ensures safety on three main areas: identity, security and privacy. This app can scan for malwares on your mobile, it can inform you when you get connected to risky or suspicious networks and it can also prevent you from visiting malware infected websites. Norton App in iOS can also filter spam messages that may be phishing attempts towards the user. The downside for this app is that Norton is a dedicated (free with limited functionalities) iPhone app, and for android users comes with an expensive payment. Also Norton for iPhone and iPad lets you use a VPN but unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in some countries. Meanwhile for Android, under the privacy protection section, the VPN functionality in order to work has to be downloaded and installed separately.

Total AV

TotalAV Mobile App

Total AV is a wonderful solution for both android and iOS users. This app offers a lot of functionalities for free, which makes it for the user quite handy. This app offers great security scans that can detect different malware that a lot of other vendors have not caught before. This app can clear up junk files, therefore it significantly increases the performance and the speed of the phone. There is also a VPN addition, that is encrypted and it can hide your IP address, which helps in preventing a user’s online tracking. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have a web filtering option or an anti-theft feature which makes it a bit lacking if you compare it with other vendors, but the real time protection feature makes it worth it to not only use every day but even pay for the full subscription as well.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security App

Avira is one of the easiest apps to use, and the good news is that even though it seems quite simple, it offers a lot of features regarding mobile safety. This app is focused on protection, data privacy and mobile performance. This apps offers malware scans and removals, web filtering, anti-theft tools (exclusive for android users), file backup and clearing options for personal data, network connection scanner and also message filtering and call blocking. This app comes with a free version but with a limited VPN addition with only 100 MB/day. Unfortunately according to reviews online, one of the downsides of this app is the delays in responses from costumer support. But the very initiative UI makes it worth it to give it a try.

In conclusion mobile antiviruses have evolved enough during the last years, and today they offer a lot more options to ensure mobile safety to a higher level. This evolution makes these kinds of apps a must to have in our phone, which pay off regarding data protection, online safety and overall a better mobile performance.

Kristi Shehu is a Cyber Security Engineer (Application Security) and Cyber Journalist based in Albania. She lives and breathes technology, specializing in crafting content on cyber news and the latest security trends, all through the eyes of a cyber professional. Kristi is passionate about sharing her thoughts and opinions on the exciting world of cyber security, from breakthrough emerging technologies to dynamic startups across the globe.