Bringing almonds, hazelnuts, creams, and other such products into space and contributing to research into feeding astronauts. A project launched by the Sicilian company Damiano has its production site in Torrenova in the province of Messina. The company, a leader in the

NASA's Perseverance rover has made a significant discovery on Mars: It indicates that the planet's Jezero crater was once filled with water. This finding raises the exciting possibility that the rover may have uncovered evidence of fossilized life on Mars. Perseverance, accompanied

By Nathan Gomes, Shivansh Tiwary and Nilutpal Timsina (Reuters) - Boeing's <BA.N> long-awaited first crewed test flight of the new Starliner space capsule was called off for at least 24 hours over a technical issue that launch teams could not resolve

By Joey Roulette WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Boeing is poised to send the first Starliner space capsule with a crew of humans into orbit next week, giving it a long-delayed chance to score a badly needed win as it struggles to compete

By Will Dunham (Reuters) - For future human bases or colonies on Mars to be self-sustaining, a reliable source of home-grown food will be a must. It simply would be too costly and risky to rely upon rocket deliveries to meet

By Albee Zhang and Ryan Woo BEIJING (Reuters) - China will send a robotic spacecraft in coming days on a round trip to the moon's far side in the first of three technically demanding missions that will pave the way for

By Stefanie Eschenbacher MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - NASA is hoping that nations will work together more closely in the future on topics such as climate change, including greenhouse gas emissions, the space agency's head, Bill Nelson, said on Tuesday. Solutions to mitigate

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By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - NASA is seeking a cheaper, simpler approach to one of its top science priorities in the midst of a budget crunch - retrieving precious soil samples collected on Mars and flying them back to