By Zaheer Kachwala (Reuters) - Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday signaled the automaker would take more time to unveil its robotaxi so it can incorporate an important design change to the front of the vehicle and "show off" some other

By Leroy Leo and Sriparna Roy (Reuters) - The tiny wires of Neuralink's brain chip implant used in the first participant in a trial run by Elon Musk's company have become "more or less very stable", a company executive said on

By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) - Elon Musk wants to dismiss a lawsuit by former Twitter shareholders who said he waited too long in early 2022 to reveal his large ownership stake in the social media company, saying "all indications"

Musk's outrageous salary forces: Tesla shareholders voted in favour of Elon Musk's compensation package, which originally amounted to $56 billion. A monstrous figure that caused tension and complications inside and outside the company. The plan had been approved in 2018

Private flights into space: A bill to regulate private space expeditions is ready to be presented to the Council of Ministers. The measure, nicknamed the 'Musk law' in homage to private space sector pioneer Elon Musk, drafted by the Ministry

By Tom Hals WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - Tesla and opponents of Elon Musk's compensation clashed on Friday over ways to resolve the legal quagmire that has engulfed the CEO's $56 billion pay package and billions of dollars in potential legal fees

By Blake Brittain (Reuters) - Tesla has sued its former supplier Matthews International in California federal court for allegedly stealing trade secrets related to Tesla's battery-manufacturing process and sharing them with the electric-vehicle giant's competitors. The lawsuit, filed on Friday in U.S.

By Mike Scarcella (Reuters) - Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Tuesday moved to dismiss his lawsuit accusing ChatGPT maker OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman of abandoning the startup's original mission of developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity and

By Abhirup Roy (Reuters) - A Tesla shareholder filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing CEO Elon Musk of insider trading when he sold over $7.5 billion of shares of the electric car maker in late 2022, saying the billionaire entrepreneur sold