SmartFlower – How These Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Systems Track the Sun

SmartFlower is a perfect blend of technology, solar panels, and aesthetically pleasing art. Due to its shape, it is also known as the Solar Sunflower. It uses the photovoltaic system, which has been incorporated into a beautiful design to raise social awareness and to enhance the surrounding landscape and architecture.

This all-in-one ground-mounted solar system does not differ from the traditional solar panels by design only, but also by its revolutionary technology. The SmartFlower actually opens up its solar petals in the morning, tracks the sun’s position during the day, and closes the petals after the sun goes down.

What is SmartFlower?

SmartFlower is a freestanding solar system which reaches 15.5 feet in diameter when petals are fully extended. The entire structure is no more than 194 square feet, and the system can produce approximately 2.5kW of electricity during the peak sunlight conditions. According to the developers of this technology, SmartFlower can generate 40% more solar power than any other conventional photovoltaic panel. Depending on the region and the amount of solar energy it gets, the SmartFlower’s output is between 3,400 and 6,200kW annually. The 3,400kW annually is enough for a three-to-four-person household.

SmartFlower comes with an integrated control panel that compiles relevant data, and the system is made accessible to users through the SmartFlower mobile application. One of the major advantages over conventional solar panels is the ease of usage and installation. Once planted, the SmartFlower works autonomously.

How does the technology work?

The technology works like a sunflower. When the sun rises in the morning, the SmartFlower unfolds its petals automatically thanks to the astronomical control system. The panels are positioned at a 90-degree angle to ensure maximum absorption. During the day, the GPS-controlled double-axle system tracks the sun, even if it is cloudy. At sunset, the petals automatically retract until the next morning. There are 12 solar petals in total, and each comes with a unique set of solar cells. These cells clean themselves via special brushes that are added to the back of each panel.

SmartFlower’s key features

Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

Besides the innovative smart-tracking technology, SmartFlower comes with several other key features:

Self-Cleaning Technology 

Every panel comes with integrated special brushes that keep the whole system clean. When the petals fold and unfold, they automatically clean themselves from any dust, debris or even snow.

Smart Cooling System

Scientists have found out that solar panels produce less electricity when they heat too much. If the temperature of the system is 10°C or more, the loss of output will be 5%. For this reason, SmartFlower comes with Smart Cooling System which keeps the optimal temperature to ensure maximum electricity output.

Safety Sensors

SmartFlower comes with unique sensors that monitor the wind speed. If wind goes above 30 mph, petals are automatically folded into a secure position to avoid damage. If the wind rises up to 40 mph, the unit takes up the secondary security position as it does at night. The sensors keep tracking the wind speed and when it goes down, the petals unfold again and start generating electricity.


Most customers agree that portability is one of the major advantages SmartFlower has over conventional rooftop solar panels. The whole unit can be mounted or moved in less than an hour. There are four anchoring bolts that secure the SmartFlower in place. Unscrewing these bolts will allow you to move the unit to any desired location without the need to worry about additional installations.

Various Color Options

In addition to all other features, SmartFlower modules are available in various colors which makes the whole unit much more appealing.