SmallID Introduces Cloud Data Security On-Demand

Native Security Solution Designed to Improve Data Security Posture and Reduce Risk Now Available

BigID, the leading data intelligence platform that enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, and governance, today announced the availability of SmallID: the first pay-as-you-go cloud data security platform.

Now more than ever, the world runs on data – and it’s difficult to have a clear understanding of all data assets across the company.  On top of that, evolving data protection and privacy regulations means that accumulating data without proactively protecting introduces more risk than ever.  

SmallID brings cloud-native data privacy and protection to organizations of all sizes, making it easy to find and mitigate risk across their entire cloud environment. Customers can easily reduce their attack surface, identify high-risk data, and automatically discover dark data across the cloud – without impacting business.   

Customers can now use the first on-demand cloud data security platform to manage their cloud risk posture, by benefitting from years of ML innovation from BigID, packaged up in a lightweight, on-demand platform in SmallID.

With SmallID, customers can:

  • Automatically discover and classify their data by sensitivity, type, regulation, policy, and more
  • Drastically reduce their attack surface
  • Identify shadow data and dark data
  • Improve security posture across the cloud
  • Simplify regulatory compliance with a data-first approach

“Cloud-native organizations leave themselves vulnerable to bad actors and a host of other complex issues when they don’t have insight into what kind of data they are collecting,” said Tyler Young, Chief Information Security Officer at BigID. “SmallID is a huge step forward for organizations of all sizes to have on-demand cloud protection that reduces the attack surfaces through allowing teams to identify and mitigate risk across their entire cloud environment.”

Visit BigID at RSAC 2022 to see SmallID in action, or try it for free today.

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