Slovak parliament suspends voting due to suspected cyberattack

By Robert Muller

(Reuters) – The Slovak parliament suspended its session on Thursday after a suspected cyberattack brought down its IT systems, parliament speaker Boris Kollar said.

“We have identified a cyber security incident… There is a signal coming from some point which jams our systems, computers, we cannot even serve the lawmakers in our cafeteria,” Kollar told reporters in a televised briefing.

“We won’t be voting today… (We have to) find out where is it hit, or if it is some malfunction,” he said.

Local media reported that the parliament session, with 75 bills on the agenda, should reconvene on Nov. 8.

In neighbouring Poland, the website of the upper house of the parliament, the Senate, was down on Thursday due to an attack by hackers.

The European Commission last week proposed stepping up measures to protect its critical infrastructure, including digital and energy networks, as European Union countries help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s invasion.