Meet the company: DIVE XR in Seoul

DIVE XR’s dream to help digitally isolated people

DIVE XR is a visual tech start-up founded in 2021, represented by its flagship metaverse game “Table Party”, currently available on Meta and PICO. The company’s founding members are university friends who were part of the same after-school club, completing a VR project together.

The company’s earliest projects were games played on a VR simulator, like roller coaster rides or cave expeditions. Their game development journey was followed by DIVE VR, a VR platform that invites users to “dive” into digital reality, and then the official launch of Table Party. The multi-player virtual reality game offers 10 board games and three casual games that are playable both with friends and strangers met online.

Meet the company – DIVE XR

“I still remember the moment that I submitted Table Party (to gaming platforms),” Park Sun-young, CEO of DIVE XR, told 4i Magazine. “When people think of VR games, they often talk about horror games with jump scares. But we wanted to make Table Party a fun game where people can socialise with others.”

A day at DIVE XR is rather simple: all employees work from 9 AM to 6 PM, sharing daily task lists before starting the day. “Leading the development team of our company, my day at DIVE XR is mostly about checking the progress of the game development and resources from the graphic team,” Yu Sung-mo, the start-up’s CTO, said.

Operating with a dynamic team of six individuals in their 20s and 30s, the journey of this start-up has been a testament to their resilience. Initially, the team grappled with the task of earning client trust, a challenge exacerbated by the absence of seasoned professionals to provide guidance based on past experiences. However, they embraced the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry, recognizing the importance of continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest trends.

As a start-up that emerged during the pandemic, DIVE XR has demonstrated its agility and ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Its vision is to break down the social divide by providing entertaining VR content for anyone who wants to learn. “We hope to offer more diverse experiences for people who are neglected by society through our services,” Park says.

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