Electronic Signatures Tools

Electronic signatures are the digital equivalents of the usual pen and paper signature. You can create them with an e-signature application – or simply by scanning a paper that bears your signature. It is legally acceptable to obtain consent or approval for a digital document.

A digital signature is a safer type of electronic signature. It is embedded in the document after signing and cannot be separated from it. We will provide you with the technical details. Note that copies with digital signatures can not be violated without your knowledge.

Depending on the use of each electronic application we have, there is a corresponding application. There are electronic signature applications for businesses and legal entities but also for easy use of a citizen to handle bureaucratic procedures remotely.

There are a variety of electronic signature applications on the market. While some applications are specifically designed to simplify the entire electronic document signing process, others offer maximum flexibility with a ton of customization, such as DocuSign.

Digital Signatures

DocuSign is one of the most famous in the world of e-signature applications. It has over 200,000 users and has long been the most popular electronic signature solution. It has a solid reputation and is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

While DocuSign has long been at the forefront of document signing online, other solutions are coming fast and surpassing it.

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  • DocuSign has a great design. Creating and managing templates and document signatures is very easy.
  • The application is easy to access and use. No technical skills or training is required.
  • The application is encrypted and offers top security.


  • It does not integrate with other software as it should.
  • Technical support is less than mediocre.
  • It is expensive, much more than other solutions.

It has a mobile application and many advanced functions. However, the accessible version of DocuSign is simple. It only allows you to sign documents, nothing else.

CocoSign supports electronic and digital signatures.


  • We should not confuse digital signatures with electronic ones. Digital signatures are a step away from electronic signatures. They are safer based on certificates. CocoSign lets you create both types of signatures and offers “liquid ink” signature capability. This means that your signature is embedded in the document – and you will know if the document has been compromised.
  • It is simple and free to use and offers excellent features even to free users.
  • Security
  • All connections made in Coco Sign are secure and follow 256-bit SSL encryption. Files also enjoy a high level of protection. The service is certified with PDI DSS. Your data is safe during transfer, and your signature is protected from tampering or copying.
  • Signatures made through implementation are legally binding and valid under European Union and GDPR.


  • If we need options like a template library, custom branding, attachments, payment collection, and personal signature, you need to purchase a monthly subscription.
  • There is no Android or iOS app for Coco Sign, although this may change in the future.


We can use this software to write signatures, upload new ones, and get ready-made signatures. Simplifying the document signing process allows you to integrate the application API with your website. SignRequest offers an excellent free version with features like ten documents per month, Google integration, and a secure tracking path.


  • Easy-to-use application
  • A good set of ready-made signatures from libraries.
  • Ability to integrate the application API with the website.


  • Impressive standards are missing
  • There are no mobile applications
  • It does not have a modern interface and advanced monitoring capabilities

Adobe Signal

The cloud-based service offers a simple online signature solution for individuals and groups. Adobe Sign works more efficiently with Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Just like DocuSign, it also offers integrations with essential services, including Dropbox, Salesforce, and Workday.


  • Send, sign, monitor, and manage processes easily.
  • Works more efficiently with Microsoft applications. It offers integrations with excellent services, as mentioned above.


  • Expensive.
  • Update issues.

There are other applications with many features depending on the type and frequency of digital signatures. SecuredSigning, for example, offers very secure signatures. Therefore, research is needed for companies and organizations to select and cooperate with companies that provide digital signature services for the best possible choice concerning costs.