December – Note from the Editor in Chief

While I really like technology and its wonders, sometimes it becomes really frustrating to live with. The past 2 years that remote work came into our lives, I find technology acting like a child having a tantrum. You might agree with me?

So, while I am having online meetings with the rest of the team, suddenly the internet connection is lost, or the Wi-Fi signal is lost for a second and I couldn’t manage hearing what the other person said, or what I said. Even worse, is when we saying something funny with my colleagues and we miss out on a good laugh because internet connection is lost again!

I wonder if it is a matter of everybody using the same apps for meetings or is seriously the Wi-Fi going bad? I am not sure what the answer is. I would say, that is a combination of both. Another thing is walking around the streets and trying to speak on the phone, using 4G or 5G, but again no signal!

I do understand that we are in an ongoing revolutionised technological era, but we should seriously consider to fix the simple things first and then move on to the most complicated ones. You might wonder who defines simple and complicated things.

Don’t take me wrong, we are a magazine that we focus on technology, but shouldn’t internet work everywhere and anytime? Just a question to make us wonder and brainstorm.

On another note, “It’s the season to be jolly!” Really excited for this month of the year, as it marks the end of a strange, but yet successful year. I think I have mentioned before, that personally I take all the negatives from the pandemic and make them positive outcomes. What I mean, is that almost always, out of a negative experience something excellent is rising, after the rain there is a rainbow. I can continue using many phrases to try motivate you and me!

Last but not least, I would like to believe that this month we will be able to meet with our loved ones and spend time together. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Xmas or not. What it matters is to be with our families as much as possible throughout the year; and be together in all the celebrations that each of us is celebrating. Let’s hope that this pandemic will soon be a “bad story” to tell to the future generations.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for this fruitful year “2021”. Of course I would like to say a big “Thank You” to my team, that did an amazing work and managed together to make a small project to a great one and next year to an enormous one! Also our readers played a big role to this project called “4i-Magazine” and I do thank you; and I do promise to keep you alert with many and many exciting articles!

Merry Xmas to you all!

Andriani has been working in Publishing Industry since 2010. She has worked in major Publishing Houses in UK and Greece, such as Cambridge University Press and ProQuest. She gained experience in different departments in Publishing, including editing, sales, marketing, research and book launch (event planning). She started as Social Media Manager in 4i magazine, but very quickly became the Editor in Chief. At the moment, she lives in Greece, where she is mentoring women with job and education matters; and she is the mother of 3 boys.