Burberry released a digital clothing collection in the Minecraft universe

The two companies are donating $100,000 to Conservation International’s Forest protection and restoration programs

Minecraft is teaming up with the famous British fashion house Burberry to introduce a collection of digital clothing for the new, free DLC, Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond, and to create an immersive in-game experience.

The collaboration allows consumers – gamers to both physically and digitally immerse themselves into a distinctly Burberry x Minecraft universe.

Bridging the digital and physical worlds, Burberry and Minecraft encourage communities to showcase their self-expression and equip the modern explorer with in-game skins and character creator items, as well as a physical limited-edition capsule collection”, the two companies announced.

Players can choose from five different look styles: plain white T-shirts, plaid scarves, Burberry logo sweatshirts, and knee-length skirts.

Digital clothing can be worn in-game by user avatars. Wearing creations from the collection, avatars can complete various challenges, such as a Burberry plaid maze, across four worlds designed in collaboration with Minecraft map maker Blockception.

Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond is available to download now for free on Minecraft Marketplace. “Plus, if you visit a Burberry flagship store, look closely because you might find a QR code that grants you access to an additional five Character Creator items: a Burberry Block backpack, cap, sunglasses, sneakers, and trench coat!” Minecraft said.

Burberry releases digital clothing collection “for the modern explorer” in video game Minecraft

From digital clothing to physical

The interesting part of this partnership is that it goes from digital to physical. As Burberry announced, each store and pop-up stocking the capsule collection will be transformed into immersive spaces featuring Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond-inspired window displays, digital screens, and flooring.

Burberry will further blur the lines between fantasy and reality by releasing an exclusive filter on Instagram, bespoke emojis, and special effects on Bilibili – a video-sharing platform in China.

‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Minecraft to bring the Burberry brand story to life in such an immersive way. With a shared belief in adventure, community, and the power of creativity to open spaces, the natural synergy between both of our brands has allowed us to connect our respective worlds in a way that is unexpected and yet entirely natural. By coming together, we hope to connect communities and inspire our consumers with a whole new way to experience our brand,’ said Phillip Hennche, Director of Channel Innovation at Burberry.

‘We are excited to announce Minecraft’s first luxury goods collaboration with one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world, Burberry. Our capsule collection and exclusive in-game content bridge the digital and physical worlds through a celebration of adventure, exploration, and self-expression,’ Kayleen Walters, Head of Franchise Development at Mojang Studios, highlighted. ‘Through our partnership, we will bring the joy of gaming to the world of luxury fashion and introduce new audiences to the endless creative possibilities within Minecraft.’

Donations to protect the environment

Burberry and Minecraft are also teaming up to protect the environment, which is why they donate $100,000 to Conservation International’s Forest protection and restoration programs. As the two companies announced, these funds will help protect 500,000 trees and plant 25,000 trees.

“Just as you work to restore natural realms in Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond, we are funding forest restoration in real life,” Minecraft said.

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