April – Note from the Editor in Chief

I always felt that April is motivation month. So let’s talk about motivation! It has been a year, since the whole world had to shut down and refocus on what is important in life. Companies had to transfer their employees to work remotely and at the same time to keep them motivated. Motivation is very important to me and my team, it makes us keep going and do not forget what we enjoy doing.

It has been a challenge for most of us to work from home. Suddenly, meetings had to be virtual instead of face to face. Travelling had to stop and business meetings had to take a different turn. Initially, all this was unknown for most of us, but we managed to overcome any difficulties and follow the “new trend”.

We, in 4i Magazine, are a big team of journalists, analysts, marketers etc., who are located all around the world. The best way to keep the team motivated is to be in touch almost everyday. Also, by giving the opportunity to the team members to research topics that are of their interest, we are able to produce exceptional articles.

I personally believe that this way, my team and I are always up-to-date with technology news, trends and have the motivation it needs to continue our mission!

Stay tuned for our news and articles!

Andriani has been working in Publishing Industry since 2010. She has worked in major Publishing Houses in UK and Greece, such as Cambridge University Press and ProQuest. She gained experience in different departments in Publishing, including editing, sales, marketing, research and book launch (event planning). She started as Social Media Manager in 4i magazine, but very quickly became the Editor in Chief. At the moment, she lives in Greece, where she is mentoring women with job and education matters; and she is the mother of 3 boys.