April 2022 – Note from the Editor in Chief – Climate change

In this month’s editorial I will focus on climate change. It is something that you can’t not to notice. I mean it is happening around us and definitely I can tell you that it is unevitable.

Let’s start with the weather that has gone mad! I will use personal examples to explain this. In Greece, this year, it snowed 4 times, and I am talking about snow in Athens, in the city centre, not in just some mountain. I travelled to Vienna last February, I had packed my gloves, hat, scarf and everything that someone would need in Vienna in mid February. And guess what, I didn’t need them, the weather was warmish, I could walk around the city without freezing. Even the taxi driver told me that this weather is so strange to them, that they don’t know how to handle it.

I did follow a talk at Nvidia conference about “Bringing rain to the Sub-Seasonal Forecasting Desert with Deep Learning Weather Prediction” and I was intrigued. So, is this the future? Are we going to use technology to prevent climate change? My guessing is yes. So, are we going to have the seasons as we know them in the near future? For instance, prevent rain in the Summer, produce snow (somehow) in December for Xmas day and the story goes on.

On the other hand, I have to mention the movie “Don’t look up”, it can relate with what is happening to the world now, but let’s hope that it won’t relate to what it could happen in the future.

Definitely the weather change is affecting agriculture, farmers and many more sectors. So, maybe technology will help to prevent climate change and turn around this situation.

Needless to say, we all need to help and prevent the situation from worsening. Even if we do a small thing, like recycling, we do help.

Stay tuned for more sustainability articles on start ups and how they use technology to help climate change.

Andriani has been working in Publishing Industry since 2010. She has worked in major Publishing Houses in UK and Greece, such as Cambridge University Press and ProQuest. She gained experience in different departments in Publishing, including editing, sales, marketing, research and book launch (event planning). She started as Social Media Manager in 4i magazine, but very quickly became the Editor in Chief. At the moment, she lives in Greece, where she is mentoring women with job and education matters; and she is the mother of 3 boys.