By Jihoon Lee and Jaspreet Kalra SEOUL/MUMBAI (Reuters) - Bitcoin's runaway rally is being driven by investors in Asia. Traders in South Korea, China and other Asian countries are responsible for roughly 70% of bitcoin trading volumes, much like they were

By Lisa Pauline Mattackal and Medha Singh (Reuters) - Bitcoin celebrated its 15th birthday this month by bursting onto Wall Street with an ebullient bang. Now the adolescent asset may have to grow up fast. Investors have embraced 11 U.S. exchange traded

By Medha Singh and Lisa Pauline Mattackal (Reuters) - It's next-level stuff. "Layer 2" cryptocurrencies native to projects built on top of "layer 1" blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum - have found a new lease of life after a year

By Medha Singh and Lisa Pauline Mattackal Cryptoverse: (Reuters) - Bitcoin? It's a bit old hat, say a cohort of crypto investors who are betting on blockchain technology breathing new life into traditional assets. As crypto prices see-saw ahead of their next

By Lisa Pauline Mattackal and Medha Singh (Reuters) - It's a tense time for bitcoin investors. Watch. Wait. Don't make the first move. The capricious cryptocurrency's been uncommonly quiet over the past four weeks, bound in the range of $28,452 and $25,800.

By Lisa Pauline Mattackal and Medha Singh (Reuters) - Imagine digitally inscribing 3D images of objects such as multi-colored spheres onto a tiny fragment of bitcoin. Then imagine selling them for $16.5 million. Just when you thought crypto couldn't get any stranger,

A non-fungible token (NFT) displayed on the website of NFT marketplace OpenSea is seen through a magnifying glass, in this illustration picture taken February 28, 2022. REUTERS/Florence Lo/Illustration/File Photo By Medha Singh Cryptoverse: (Reuters) - It's alive! The NFT market is twitching

A representation of bitcoin is seen in an illustration picture taken on June 23, 2017. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/File Photo By Lisa Pauline Mattackal (Reuters) - Bitcoin is looking steady in 2023. But it's only been a week. Cryptocurrencies have crept into the new year,

By Medha Singh and Lisa Pauline Mattackal Cryptoverse: (Reuters) - The market for fan tokens, a volatile cocktail of crypto and sport, is heating up in the desert of Qatar. Interest in this niche breed of cryptocurrencies, typically linked to sports teams