Full stack Developer

Over the last 15 years or so, we have seen rapid growth in the programming profession and the programming tools it uses. First, we have two significant categories of front-end and back-end developers.

The first thing to note is that sometimes, companies incorporate UI UX into the front-end developer profession. It may be practically the same profession in other cases, but it may refer to web design with the corresponding design software.

Front-end developer and new technology

Let’s see now what it means to be a front-end developer. At this moment, you are reading an article on a web page that is uploaded on the internet and can be seen by any reader. These buttons, colors, images, and titles belong to the familiar user interface or user experience (UI, UX).

The most famous new front-end developer tools are the following:

Sublime Text, Chrome Developer Tools, jQuery, GitHub, CodePen, Angular.js, Sass, Atom, Git, HTML5 Boilerplate, Google Fonts, Bootstrap, Less, etc.

Some of them are IDE. IDE is the Integrated Development Environment that provides the user interface for code development, testing, and debugging features. It helps to organize the project artifacts relevant to the software application’s source code.

A front-end developer usually starts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but in the last years, there are many news JavaScript libraries that you can work as a full-stack developer if someone knows, such as React.js, Node.js, Vue.js, etc.

The purpose of the front-end developer is to present the user interface as designed by the Web Designer in a mock-up. The position of the front-end developer is significant as, without it, a product cannot be created. This applies to both the internet and mobile applications.

Back-end Developer


The back-end is the part of a software application where functions are implemented. For example, when we press the accelerator on a car and it moves, it is a function that the driver does not see. A similar thing happens when an internet user buys a ticket from an app for a concert. The user completes a form and puts in the credit card. The factions that operate for the confirmation buy are from the back-end developer.

Therefore, the application’s back-end deals with the organization and storage of data and ensures that everything is executed dynamically by the client. The user fills out a form and enters the credit card. The parts that work for the confirmation purchase come from the back-end developer. Let’s look at the programming tools used by a professional back-end developer.

The knowledge required for a professional back-end developer can be a lot, but we will focus on the most well-known and most sought-after in the job market; first, we will divide you into some primary categories such as a) programming languages, b) databases (casting database and casting server) and API (Application Programming Interface – Rest and Soap).

It is essential for a back-end developer knowledge of new technologies on the DBMS (database management system) such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle SQL server, Rentis, and much more. The problems they solve are exceptional depending on the requirements and specifics of each project.

Let us mention some programming languages like PHP, Python, and Java, and as frameworks, we could say Django for Python, Laravel for PHP, Spring for Java, for JavaScript, or Vue.js.

Also, it should be noted that a back-end programmer works on various system components based on the overall design made by the bαckend engineer or software engineer. And this is their essential difference.

As we understand, the combination of knowledge of the front-end developer with the back-end developer means that someone is a full stack developer.

In conclusion, each developer can choose what to learn depending on what they want to work on. For example, the React library is a JavaScript-based language and is an extensive library created by the Facebook team of developers. Similar libraries have been developed by Google and other major companies that release applications and various similar products. So, there is a lot of specialization in the future. Maybe we can see the future involvement of artificial intelligence in programming tools to make programming more accessible and faster.