For many buyers, the choice when buying a smartwatch comes down to two brands: Apple and Samsung. On the one hand, the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch represent more than half of the smartwatch market; on the other, "all

A modular notebook that allows the most important components to be changed so that it can be repaired or upgraded easily and affordably. Thus extending the life of the device and reducing landfills. Also, when it is time to decommission the computer,

Technological advances have meant that streaming some of your favourite movies or TV series onto a larger screen from the comfort of your couch is becoming more accessible than ever; all you need is popcorn! With Netflix, Amazon Prime and

Small is beautiful; if foldable, even better. Much of the value of the Z Flip 4, the pocket-sized smartphone with a flexible screen that Samsung has unveiled in recent weeks, lies in this summary. Now in its fourth generation, there

Huawei does not give up on smartphones and continues bringing innovative models for the high-end European market. A worthy act at a time when the entire sector is suffering from shrinking sales, all the more so for a company that

As with smartphones, being able to stand out in a sector that is far too rich in models and duplicates like that of true-wireless earphones is increasingly more complicated. The differences are obviously there, and they are very clear, so

After the launch of the Pixel 4, Google preferred to dedicate the Model 5 only to specific markets, leaving many behinds. Since last year's Model 6, the strategy has changed and continues today with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7

When I think of fitness trackers, Fitbit immediately comes to mind. A brand that has become synonymous with step counting and the collection of general fitness statistics. But Fitbit, part of the Google-Alphabet group, makes devices that are more than

Vivo X80 Pro: Slow and steady growth in emerging as a viable alternative in the high-end smartphone market. A little over two years after its arrival in Europe, Vivo's path is beginning to bear fruit while differentiating itself from its