The wearable will replace the smartphone. This concept, repeated for months before the official presentation, was enough to create uncommon hype for AI Pin, the mini-device made by Humane, which attaches to the wearer's jacket, shirt or sweater and collects data, faces and

The US embargo has pinned its wings on Huawei, especially in the smartphone sector, where it gave Apple and Samsung a hard time. Huawei Watch GT4 has been launched globally in two variants, which are distinguished by their design: a model with

In an era in which smartphones have eroded the market and reduced the use of professional cameras, it rarely happens that a new camera is the symbol of a revolution. Such is the case with the Leica M11-P, the latest version of the German

Punctual as a Swiss watch, seven months after the launch of the Xiaomi 13 Series, the Beijing-based company has unveiled the Xiaomi 13T Series, which flanks the top of the range by sacrificing something on the hardware side in exchange for a more

The headphones with a personal air purification system The Dyson Zone are unprecedented over-ear headphones that unite two different and theoretically distant souls because it is difficult to imagine a meeting point between listening to high-quality music and aspiration. After five years of

Would you say 'I do' to a union if the ring involved is a Samsung Galaxy Ring? In the world of wearable technology, Samsung, the tech giant, seems to be venturing into a new product category – smart rings. Recently, there

Apps for kids: School holidays are always a time that children look forward to. Summer holidays are undoubtedly the favourite season for children. Easter holidays and Christmas breaks are extremely popular as well. There are also a few even more special

For many buyers, the choice when buying a smartwatch comes down to two brands: Apple and Samsung. On the one hand, the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch represent more than half of the smartwatch market; on the other, "all

A modular notebook that allows the most important components to be changed so that it can be repaired or upgraded easily and affordably. Thus extending the life of the device and reducing landfills. Also, when it is time to decommission the computer,