ViennaUP 2024: innovation and networking in the heart of Europe

ViennaUP 2024, a significant city-wide startup festival, took place from June 3 to June 9, 2024. The event brought together a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, and creatives from around the world to Vienna, Austria. Organized by the Vienna Business Agency with support from over 35 program partners, it featured various events designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and networking across multiple sectors.

The festival included numerous pitching sessions, during which startups presented their ideas to potential investors and industry leaders. Notable events included the Startup World Cup Austria, the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2024 Conference, and the Lead Today, Shape Tomorrow Startup Pitch Track, which focused on gender-diverse teams with innovative ideas​.

In addition to pitching events, ViennaUP offered a range of workshops, hackathons, and seminars that explored emerging technologies and innovative business models aimed at driving positive societal change. Key themes included smart cities, IoT, and smart mobility, highlighting Vienna’s vibrant startup ecosystem and its commitment to fostering a sustainable and innovative future​​.


One of the highlights of ViennaUP 2024 was the “Magic of Innovation” (#MOI2024) event held on June 4-5. This event brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and investors from various industries, such as insurance, banking, telecommunications, and retail, to pitch their ideas and collaborate on new solutions​. Another key event was the “1MillionStartups SDG Metaverse” on June 7, which focused on startups addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing a platform for networking and showcasing impactful projects​​.

The festival’s decentralized nature allowed participants to explore different venues throughout Vienna, providing a unique experience that combined business with cultural immersion. Events were conducted primarily in English, making them accessible to the international audience. Notably, venues included iconic locations like the Vienna City Hall and the Aula der Wissenschaften (Hall of Sciences), enhancing the festival’s appeal and prestige​​.

ViennaUP 2024 also featured community-driven events such as “Let them Pitch!” organized by CONDA on June 5. This event provided a platform for crowd investing projects to pitch their ideas to potential investors, fostering a collaborative environment for funding and growth​​. Another community highlight was the “Joint Forces” event on June 6, tailored for student innovators from TU Wien to pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback in an informal setting​​.

Overall, ViennaUP 2024 successfully created a dynamic platform for startups to connect with investors, gain exposure, and collaborate on transformative solutions, solidifying Vienna’s position as a key hub for innovation in Europe.

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