Top devices designed to help you find anything

Whether you are notorious for losing your phone, keys, wallet (or even cat!), technology has come a long way in helping us keep tabs on our most prized possessions. A relatively new tech development, GPS trackers work by using networks of satellites that orbit the earth to transmit signals to receivers on the ground. They then combine data from satellites, Wi-Fi networks and cell towers to identify a device’s precise location, usually within around sixteen feet. Although GPS tracking tech devices were invented in 1968, they weren’t authorized for use in public until 1996. This is strange, considering the main idea of GPS systems is to determine the location of a particular object or person in real-time in an increasingly busy world.

According to Statista, the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) shows no signs of slowing down, with the market currently valued at 150.5 billion euros. In addition, a study from Research and Markets shows the Global GPS Tracking Device Market size is expected to reach five billion euros by 2028. With this in mind, we looked at some of the best tracking devices on the market.

Apple airtags

No need to worry about losing personal items anymore. Airtagsroughly the size of your big finger, can be stuck onto any object you desire and tracked through the Find My app. An Apple creation that only works with iOS is water-resistant with a replaceable battery. They instantly connect to your iPhone or iPad. However, their built-in speaker makes them truly clever, which helps you find your lost item. Another excellent safety feature is the airbag’s ability to encrypt user and location data so your details remain safe. Their only downfall is that you need an iPhone to set them up.

Spy Mini GPS as tracking tech – top devices

This teeny tiny tracking lower budget tracking device is designed specifically for keys, wallets, pets, children and more. Available on Amazon, these tags, which are Bluetooth enabled, work with most iOS and Android devices. They boast a working distance of anywhere up to 49 feet, giving users whopper levels of coverage. Featuring a rather basic app, Spy Mini GPS does the job when it comes to locating items and also features voice recording and geofencing capabilities. Another random bonus is that it can be used as a clicker for the photo shutter on your phone, which is rath.

Photo by Brecht Denil on Unsplash

Prevently portable GPS tracking 

Designed specifically to help stop pets from wandering too far, this tracking device is a keyring, making it Uber handy to carry. It uses GPS to track the location of your furry friend through continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring. What’sWhat’s more, Prevently is waterproof and features electronic fencing, low-power alarms and standby time. It can even send you text notifications about your pet’spet’s location. It also has 150 hours of standby time and works with both Android and iOS.

Streetwize GPS tracker – top devices

Another tracker that seems to be growing in popularity is Streetwize. This device helps you monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles, trailers and even mobile homes. This compact tracking tech helps you locate lost or stolen cars by text. Users simply send a message and get a location map back by SMS with the whereabouts of their car, motorbike and more. By inserting a phone with a SIM into the unique tracker, you can locate any vehicle, anywhere. Streetwize GPS tracker works with most mobiles though you may need to check with your network provider as it’s not available on all of them yet. The size of a matchbox, each tracker comes with a hardwire kit and a USB charging cable.

TILE mate as tracking tech

One of my favourite tracking devices, the TILE Mate, has become renowned for its capability to locate lost items. Nice and compact, these small waterproof Bluetooth trackers can be attached to any object. It can also be linked to both iOS and Android phones. Designed to be attached to keyrings, you can also purchase them in sticker format and receive notifications by phone. What’sWhat’s more, they also sense movement. For example, if you had a TILE stuck to your door and someone opened it, you would receive an alert. What’sWhat’s even better about them is you can programme the devices with custom messages. This way family and friends can contact you almost anywhere. TILE boasts a massive range of premium trackers and even caters for users with Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s and dementia.


One of the most reviewed tracking devices of all time, the Bouncie is one of the world’s smallest cellular OBD (on-board diagnostics) devices. Catered towards the automotive industry, its advanced tracking capabilities provide data on driving habits. GPS location, vehicle health and more through connecting with its app (which is available on Android and iOS). Bouncie records a vehicle’svehicle’s location and updates the app automatically every fifteen seconds. You can even identify vehicles through personalised emblems, accident notifications, and roadside assistance for that added peace of mind.

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