2023 seemed to be the year in which the Metaverse would establish itself as the next communication channel, transporting us all into a digital world of infinite economic and social possibilities. Nonetheless, according to a recent study by the Boston

I have always wanted to visit China to see if and how true the many stereotypes spread in the West about the country and the Chinese are. I was able to do so thanks to Oppo, who invited me on

The pandemic crisis, and all that followed, has highlighted a central phenomenon for companies of all types and sizes: great resignation the tendency of workers to leave the workplace to focus on something else. It is not a passing phenomenon

Facebook and Instagram will be pay-as-you-go, only in Europe. This is not an obligation but a possibility, because the discriminating factor is the advertisements: those who pay will not see any ads, those who want to keep the free version

Moving to Sardinia for the cost of 1 euro. When I read the announcement in my mind, I had already arrived on the most beautiful island in Italy (and beyond). Having quickly dispelled my doubts about possible fake news with a few online

The iPhone is the object that changed the perception of consumer technology. Before its appearance, hi-tech products were mainly confined to nerds and industry enthusiasts, who could only touch a few devices. What broke the mould and ushered in a

"Heart of Stone" is a science fiction story with references to contemporary society that highlights the importance of cybersecurity. This is the terrain of "Heart of Stone", an action movie that, in the minds of the scriptwriters and producers, should

Last February, MP Materials Corp and Sumitomo Corporation announced an agreement to diversify and strengthen supplies of rare earths to Japan. Under this agreement, SC will be the exclusive distributor of California-based MP Materials' NdPr oxide for Japanese customers. In addition, the

The Italian Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, recently spoke on the greatest instrument of political pressure the judiciary has at its disposal: wiretapping. The topic is sensitive, as the various Italian political factions have been arguing lately about the legitimacy