Place of residence: Budapest, Hungary Position: I am a Data Architect within the Data Services Technical Tribe at OTP HQ. I'm responsible for data visualisation and developing the evolution of self-service BI solutions. I design, create, deploy, and manage the enterprise's data

Place of residence As a “digital nomad”, I move around a lot. My place of residence is anywhere with a good internet connection. Since starting this lifestyle in 2015, I have been to Asia, Latin America and many European countries. Right

Place of residence: Dublin, Ireland Position: Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Speaker,Author, Lecturer Please describe a day in your life. I work four days a week and start the weekend on Friday. If I have a keynote to deliver on the day,

Age: 33Place of residence: Eastern Region of NigeriaPosition: Founder- Judy Women Empowerment and Development Initiative (JUWEDI) Please describe a day in your life: I would not want to compromise on my morning meditation routine. It offers me an array of unique inspirations