Three major retailers in Australia are using facial recognition technology, often without shoppers realizing it Major Australian retailers Kmart, Bunnings, and The Good Guys use facial recognition technology in stores, raising concerns among privacy experts. Consumer group CHOICE has complained to the

Security and the protection of personal data are the two poles on which the game of video surveillance is played out, a hot topic at the centre of debate in many countries and also among the institutions of the European

A few years ago, European researchers and academics, following the ideas coming from the United States, began to hypothesize the signing of a shared document on artificial intelligence. Or rather: on how to create artificial intelligence applications and services that

Technology has reached a point where new algorithms are creating wonderful solutions to different problems that exist in all working fields around the world. Artificial intelligence is a part of that fast and rapid evolution of technology, where every day

Facebook services that rely on face recognition systems will be removed over the coming weeks Facebook few weeks ago announced its plans to shut down the facial recognition program and delete the stored data gathered by the software and which is

Biometric technologies use an individual’s biological traits to identify them. Digital fingerprint scanners on mobile phones and in airports, or intelligent facial recognition camera systems are examples. When combined with sophisticated artificial intelligence, biometrics offer a new world of possibilities in