Explanation concepts in Cyber Security Red Team and Blue Team: Modern attacks have a variety of motives and are carried out by people and for-profit organized crime groups, and even by hacktivists seeking to attack organizations they deem immoral or contrary to

Saurik discovered a vulnerability with which to hoard cryptocurrencies, warned the company and was rewarded with $2 million He could have exploited a vulnerability he had discovered to enrich himself through the creation of Ethereum, but instead he chose to alert

Tell us a little about yourself and your previous experiences "Before Intigriti, I was the Founder and Managing Partner of a certified penetration testing business. The company deploys ethical hacking consultants on request for small or large assignments to test an

Cyber threat hunting is an ongoing process. More and more companies are turning to professionals to carry out a proactive and iterative search for vulnerabilities and discover in advance those activities that attempt to circumvent existing security solutions. Vulnerability Assessment