Back-to-School Apps: Returning to school after the summer holidays is difficult for everyone: parents, teachers, and children. The transition from beach and sand to desk and chair is rough for most kids. Teachers should help to make their adjustment back to the

Tomorrow Conference Belgrade 2023 ChatGPT, a remarkable creation of artificial intelligence, has emerged as a transformative force with profound implications across diverse sectors. In education, ChatGPT has revolutionized learning by providing personalized and accessible avenues for students to seek clarification, engage

Back in May, I had the chance to visit Belgrade and speak at Tomorrow Conference. My speech was about creating diversity in media tech and how we can train more women journalists. After almost three months, watching my speech again made me

We have recently interviewed Professor Zoltán Illés in connection with distance learning in the tertiary sector, and he shared his valuable insights with us. We further analyzed the so-called paradigm shift many experts point out as the ultimate change. In