Meet the Talent – Joanne John

Place of residence: Dublin, Ireland

Position Last Position: Senior Director, Partner Success at Salesforce (I’m currently seeking my next move)

Tell us a bit about your background 

 I studied Business Studies at University to keep doors open as I had no clear idea what I wanted to do. Still, I fell into the technology industry and loved the creative, fast-paced, evolutionary space I was part of.

How did you get involved in TechnologyTechnology?  

Growing up as a ‘millennial’ in the era of computers and the internet, Technology was where there were jobs and great opportunities.

During your career, did you feel that there were not enough women in the industry? Did you find it challenging?  

When I started at Salesforce in 2012, building out the critical incident centre for EMEA, I was the only woman in a room full of 20 male site reliability, security, database engineers etc.., coordinating major incidents by translating what was happening out to the business, customers and partners, and organising global outreaches. However, I always felt respected and part of the team. Times are changing now as I see many more women in tech and more women in that room, which is excellent. Salesforce puts a lot of effort into being inclusive; I feel there weren’t many women applying for those jobs at that time.

Please describe a day in your life.

Now I work in Partner Success as a true extention of a business. I’m passionate about how partners can build on already exciting TechnologyTechnology and provide unimaginable solutions. The creativity is limitless when a business works with Partners.

Did you have a mentor who advised you and gave tips on leadership and entrepreneurship? 

Only in recent years. My mentor is from a different industry which is also quite male-dominated. She gives fantastic advice and support.

How do you see TechnologyTechnology evolving in the next ten years? 

It is becoming increasingly intuitive but with more controls and transparency for consumers to turn on and off features that suit them. I believe automation will continue to be an area of focus to free humans up for more innovative roles.

Joanne as a mum
Joanne as a mum. permission was given by Joanne.

How can we get more women involved in TechnologyTechnology?

We need to spread the word on how rewarding this industry is, make qualifications more bite-size and accessible and offer job shadowing to potential external candidates so they can get a taste of what they are signing up for.

What are the three characteristics you have that make you successful in tech? 

Collaboration, curiosity and approachability.

What is your greatest achievement up until today? 

Leading a global task force to set partners up for success as it relates to customer success.

What is your next goal? 

Make a massive impact on a new company and its partner ecosystem for mutual appreciation and value realisation.

If you could say something to your younger self, what would it be? 

Dream big, get out of your head and realise that most people are happy to help you to achieve.

Which famous person would you like to have dinner with and why? 

Richard Branson – he’s disruptive across industries, a humanitarian and a family man – the topics of conversation would be endless.

Where would you like to travel next? 

Central America to practice my Spanish and learn from new cultures.

Do you have a person who influences or motivates you? 

My children (6 and 4 years old)

Recently you started a Post Grad degree in Creativity, Innovation & Leadership at University College Dublin. What motivated you to start this degree, and why you chose this one specifically? 

I feel you can always learn from others, in particular from others from different walks of life, as there are many people from different backgrounds on this course. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I now have time to commit to a Post Grad.

 What kind of skills and knowledge are you aiming to get from it?

 I want to learn different perspectives in the technology industry. To broaden my scope and understanding. I want to network and learn tricks and tools to be more creative and a better leader.

What quote or power words would you use to empower women out there who want to get into TechnologyTechnology? 

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”, Roosevelt 

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