AU10TIX Unveils Identity Verification Suite to Elevate Customer Experience

AU10TIX, a global leader in identity verification and management technology, today announced the successful completion of its portfolio restructure initiated in May with the relaunch of INSTINCT as Serial Fraud Monitor. In a move to better align with market trends and cater to existing and new clients, the company has simplified its offerings into four key product suites.  This endeavor boosts customer experience by simplifying choices and enabling customers to easily select the suite that best suits their business needs. The four suites include: Identity Verification Suite, Serial Fraud Monitor, Reusable Digital ID and the AU10TIX Platform.

The consolidated suite enables businesses to provide a seamless and integrated identity management process for employees, partners and customers, facilitating accurate and reliable service across a wide range of business needs and requirements. This includes KYC and AML regulations, age and document verifications, new account onboarding, sophisticated organized fraud and more. With a forward-thinking approach, the suite is designed to evolve and adapt to future needs, ensuring that businesses are well-prepared to address emerging challenges in the ever-changing landscape of identity verification.

“We are thrilled to unveil our revitalized product portfolio, marking a new chapter in our identity journey,” said Dan Yerushalmi, CEO at AU10TIX. “This transformation represents our continued commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers. Our holistic identity management solution also promises to safeguard businesses and customers against the most sophisticated identity fraud, both now and in the future.”

AU10TIX Unveils Identity Verification Suite to Elevate Customer Experience
AU10TIX Unveils Identity Verification Suite to Elevate Customer Experience

AU10TIX’s portfolio includes:

Identity Verification Suite: This comprehensive solutions suite meets all business identity verification needs under one roof.  It offers ID, age, and address verification, along with voice and video consent, face compare, and liveness testing. It also enables anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, including PEP (politically exposed persons) and sanction screening.

Serial Fraud Monitor: This industry-leading solution uses advanced neural network technology to provide businesses with real-time protection against sophisticated ID fraud, including swarm attacks and synthetic fraud. Serial Fraud Monitor provides fraud detection, traffic-level fraud analysis, reputation scoring and consortium validation, and post-breach cleanup. In Q1, Serial Fraud Monitor protected companies against $1.3B in business fraud.

Reusable Digital ID: A collaboration with Microsoft to provide verifiable credentials (VC) architecture for identity management. Reusable Digital ID simplifies identity verification for organizations and their customers. This multi-language solution includes automated data extraction and verification, as well as advanced liveness detection technology. The solution streamlines and accelerates ongoing ID verification, reduces onboarding costs, automates workflows, and enhances the security of sensitive data.

AU10TIX Platform: A top-tier platform with API, web and mobile SDKs for seamless no-code integration, an app for remote onboarding or on-the-spot verification, a workflow orchestrator, and the ability to define rules and effectively handle exceptions.

AU10TIX is showcasing its portfolio this week at Money20/20 Europe, taking place through June 8th in Amsterdam. Company executives are available for meetings in booth A162.

About AU10TIX

AU10TIX, a global leader in identity verification and management technology, is on a mission to obliterate fraud and further a more secure and inclusive world. The company provides critical, modular solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities so businesses and their customers can confidently connect. Over the past decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred partner of major global brands for customer onboarding and customer verification automation – and continues to work on the edge of what’s next for identity’s role in society. AU10TIX’s proprietary technology provides results in less than 8 seconds, enabling businesses to onboard customers faster while preventing fraud, meeting compliance mandates, and, importantly, promoting trust and safety. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (OTCQB: ICTSF). For more information, visit